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If there is one family that is constantly in the media for one reason or the other, it is the famous (infamous to some) Mpisane family. From lavish parties, corruption scandals, infidelity, baby mama drama, achieving milestones and reality TV, the Mpisane family know how to make news and remain relevant. Although everyone in the family has their fair share of drama, one would argue that the baby of the family, Andile Mpisane is by far the most interesting family member. 

For that reason we decided to take a deep dive into his life, so here is everything that you need to know about Andile Mpisane’s net worth, and how he keeps his bank account fat and healthy.

Picture source: @andilempisane10 Instagram

Andile Mpisane’s Net Worth

Despite the fact that many argue Andile was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, we can not take away from how hard he works to achieve his dreams. The personality began building his career at the age of 17 and in 5 years, at the age of 21, Andile Mpisane’s net worth sits at an estimated 100 million USD.

With this figure Andile sits as one of the highest earning entertainers in Mzansi and he knows how to flaunt his wealth. From the clothes he wears, the cars he drives and parties he hosts and attends, Andile knows how to make and spend money.

Picture source: @andilempisane10 Instagram

How Andile Makes His Money

Even though he was born to wealthy parents, Andile still gets out there to hustle for his money and earns an income from various endevours and professional titles.

Andile The Footballer
At the tender age of 17 Andile Mpisane’s net worth began to grow as he kicked off his career as a football player. The sports star played as a midfielder for South Africa’s Royal Eagles FC football club. Following ownership battles, the club rebranded to Royal AM football club and at age of 19, Andile became the clubs Chairperson, a position that he still holds today.

Picture source: @andilempisane10 Instagram

Andile The Musician
Music is a huge contributor to Andile Mpisane’s net worth and in 2019, Andile decided to delve into the art and released his first single that featured industry heavyweights Distruction Boyz and Madonon. His song turned out to be a hit and garnered over 1 million views on Youtube. The musician went on to release more songs and earlier this year had the opportunity to be an opening act and perform on the same stage as international heavyweight, Rick Ross.

Picture source: @andilempisane10 Instagram

Andile The Businessman 
Another way that Andile Mpisane’s net worth continues to grow is through his business ventures. The musician co-owns Royal AM Luxury & Grooming Pampering Lounge with his mother. It is a unisex beauty salon and spa and it is located in Umhlanga.

Andile Mpisane’s Cars

Andile is young and absolutely loves the finer things in life, one way this can be seen is by taking a look into his garage. The musician owns a fleet of luxury vehicles that some of us could only dream of owning. His cars include:

Picture source: @andilempisane10 Instagram

  • a gold Mclaren, 
  • an all black Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, 
  • a gold convertible BMW i8, 
  • an all black Lamborghini Huracan, 
  • a black on black Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS600
  • A white Lamborghini Huracan
  • A sleek blue Bentley Bentayga
  • A blue 2022 BMW M3
  • A black Volkswagen Golf 7R

Picture source: @andilempisane10 Instagram

Andile Mpisane’s net worth allows him to drive the best cars, wear the best designer clothes and travel the world as he pleases. We can’t wait to see how he spends his money this year

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