Anele Mdoda would like to interview Atandwa Kani on Real Talk

We wonder if he'd accept the invitation... 

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Anele Mdoda would like to interview Atandwa Kani on Real Talk

In one of the most memorable Twitter disputes to date, media personality Anele Mdoda came to the defence of her sister Thembisa Mdoda, during the very public break down of her marriage which saw her ex-husband, Atandwa Kani, denounce the twin sons the couple was raising at the time.

“I wasn’t even defending Thembisa but my whole family. I don’t get how everything else is discussed by families and then in this one incident, the elders are suddenly not involved. The same elders that came to us during Thembisa’s lobola must come back again,” explained Mdoda. In fact, she revealed that her family has not seen said the elders since the conclusion of the lobola negotiations.

Despite all that however, Anele said she should still interview Kani on her SABC show, Real Talk With Anele.

“I’d interview him on my show though, because he is very talented,” said Anele to True Love

as part of the siblings in entertainment cover feature for the magazine’s July 2017 issue.

Even though Thembisa did occasionally respond to Atandwa and his new wife, Fikile Mthwalo during their various twars, she shared that her focus was on protecting her kids and the life she had built for herself which is why she chose not to retaliate while her reputation was being dragged through the mud.

Thembisa Mdoda - Classy Lady

“I think he was going through a lot back then, but I’m not going to make excuses for him - I didn’t appreciate how I was treated,” said Thembisa.

She also revealed that she held onto her marriage because she was still grieving the loss of her mother and that made it hard for her to let go.

“I wasn’t aware the amount of grief I was carrying. I’d held on to mourning my mother for so long, it made me feel exhausted/ I also held on to my marriage knowing all the time that it wasn’t going well. Still, I hung on and tried to fix it.”

Part of the reason for this also seems to stem from the fact that Thembisa still carries around some guilt/envy about the fact that she did not spend as much time with her mother, while she was alive, as her sisters had.

She says she has since turned to God and laid all her problems, fears and anxiety at his feet and her life has experienced a great turn-around since she made that choice. 


As she told us in our last interview with her; she got the OPW gig, met the love of her life, won a SAFTA and gained a new sense of self.

While Anele is merely currently dating, she is looking forward to something completely different for her future.

Now that she has realized a talk show dream that she says she has had since she was 11-years-old, she would like to host a major live show on the level of Idols or X-Factor, either locally or internationally as she believes Real Talk has given her the experience required to do so.

Honestly speaking, we TOTALLY see it happening. But instead of them giving her the local X-Factor gig, we’d love to see her experience an opportunity similar to Trevor Noah which sees her taking over from an American host.

Move over Ryan Seacrest!

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