Another Heartbreaking Episode Of uTatakho

People really have it rough out here

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It's a known fact that when you watch uTatakho you're bound to go to bed with a broken heart or teary-eyed, and last night's episode of the show was no different.

In the latest episode, we got introduced to a lady named Caroline, Caroline shared how she was adopted by a black family (The Mazibuko's) and although the family loved and cared about her, she just knew that she was not biologically born into the Mazibuko's especially because of her physical features.

Caroline revealed that she is half Coloured and half Indian and that as a child, her family would cut her hair short so to avoid her curly soft hair from growing.

Sadly, this did not avoid people from being intrusive and blatantly telling her that she was not from the Mazibuko family.

Although Caroline knew her mother, she heard of many stories of her mom that did not settle well with her.

Caroline's adoptive parent - Mrs Mazibuko shared how Caroline's mom used to travel with her as an infant to the nearest pub. Mrs Mazibuko explained that the actions of Caroline's mother were very irresponsible and placed Caroline's life in danger especially considering that her biological mother would get drunk and leave her baby unattended.

An episode that caused Mrs Mazibuko to take matters into her own hand and save baby Caroline was when she revealed that Caroline's biological mother had beaten the then 13-month-old Caroline severely. From there on Mrs Mazibuko knew that she had to take Caroline away from the unfavourable living conditions she was under.

As Caroline grew up, she would hear rumours that a certain Indian man from the community whom she had known for 15+ years was apparently her biological father.

The Indian man revealed that he had indeed slept with Caroline's mother back in the day, but they did not have a relationship, it was just a once of sexual interaction that didn't lead to anything; hence Caroline was of the hope that this particular man could potentially be her father.

Unfortunately, the DNA test turned out negative and the gentleman was not her father.

A disappointed Caroline could not help but burst out in tears as the reality settled in that she probably will never know who her biological father is.
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Viewers sympathized with Caroline but also praised Mrs Mazibuko for playing such an important role in Caroline's life.

If Mrs Mazibuko didn't taker Caroline in as her own child, who knows what could've happened to her while growing up.

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