Austin Malema speaks on being a father to the famous meme baby

Austin has always wanted to be a father.

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Austin Malema

Austin Malema is one of the fathers who are challenging the stereotypical notion of black fathers being absent by being involved in his son's life.

For the most part of Austin Malema's life, the star photographer did not grow up with his father, he was raised by his grandmother because his mother was still a teenager when she had him, Austin says he's always had the dream of becoming a great father to his son.

"Call me weird but I've always wanted to be a dad. I loved the relationship  that my favourite sitcom dad on All of Us had with his kids and knew I'd be just like that" he said to TrueLove Magazine.

Austin Malema

Austin's father has since reunited with the photographer but mostly "only for financial reasons" but, what he's come to treasure the most is building a relationship with his son, Ronewa, who has a fanbase of his own as a meme king on social media.

"It's the little things, spending time and learning from my son, to see him smile," he said 

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