''Kids Don't Raise Themselves''

Ayanda Borotho shares her thoughts on the Mondeor Attack.

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Whilst there are numerous celebrities who prefer to not share their uncensored commentary regarding various social ills that plague the world that we live in - fearing judgment or being misunderstood or even worse, be #muted by the industry. There are some, however, who boldly state their unpopular thoughts.

A well known personality that usually does not shy away from publicly addressing whatever subject that she deems needs addressing is Isibaya's actress, Ayanda Borotho. As per the recent reports regarding another chilling scandal, whereby 19 year old, Kulani Mathebula was brutally stabbed by three teenagers, who have since been arrested, aged between 13 - 15 years old at Mondeor High School. The scandal shook a lot of people in South Africa especially parents who have children of that school going age.

Showing deep concern, Ayanda Borotho took to her Instagram page and penned out her candid thoughts about the lack of parenting in this modern day and age. The actress stated that the children need to be taught firm values from the homes of which they come from, especially by their parents or guardians.

Some parts of her hearty and lengthy caption read as follows: ''I cannot emphasize enough the importance of PARENTING. I'm not talking about having children. We can all be mothers and fathers but the question is can we parent, are we in a position to parent, are we ready to parent? In the absence of parenting, this is what society becomes.''

Many of Ayanda's followers have come to know her as a straight shooter, as previously she has taken to her social media pages and unreservedly shared her thoughts on the many issues that have bugged her at one time or the other.

At one point, Ayanda addressed the issue of women that put on a facade with the hope of being perceived as marriage material by suitors. She lamented on this practice as she believes that, that is an unfair standard to use for women as some of them have internalised this ''rule'' thus dimming their light.

Kids speaking English at home? Ayanda has addressed that too. The rise of children speaking English at home is a trend that Ayanda has been watching worriedly. She came out on social media and expressed the importance of parents taking the stance of ensuring that conversing primarily in their mother tongues becomes a rule in their homes, so that children do not grow up being only connected to one language - English.

Lastly, public display of affection better known as PDA was also slammed by the Isibaya actress. She argued that back when she was growing up, they made sure not to be seen cuddling in public especially when elders were passing by. This is another trend that has irked Ayanda, as she still believes that some African teachings should remain conservative and un-tweaked because they are still relevant in modern times just as they were in ancient times.

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