Ayanda Nhlapho Ends October On An Important Note

Ayanda joins forces to battle Cancer

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Beauty and fashion influencer Ayanda Nhlapho has rallied some of the biggest names in local and international media for an important cause. This Thursday, the presenter will be hosting a fabulously pink Tea Party to observe the final day of breast cancer awareness month, and ZAlebs had a chance to speak to her ahead of the big launch.

Ayanda isn't working alone, either. She's partnered up with international fragrance brand Jo Malone for what promises to be a morning of important discussions and key learnings, as well as pampering and delightful treats. We kick off our chat by talking about how the partnership came about:

"I approached Jo Malone for influencer work and they liked my profile and my ideas and so we teamed up to host the first-ever fashion and fragrance pairing event. I've been to food and wine pairings so I thought, why can't we pair fashion with scents? That event was a treat and when it was time to brainstorm new ideas for the next one, I already had something in mind".
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However, this month's event is for a slightly more noble cause. The influencer is hosting members of the media and esteemed guests for an event dubbed: Tea Party for Pink, on the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She explained the motivation:

"Breast Cancer Awareness is something that is close to my heart and something I have had to deal with on a personal basis so it is important for me to use my platform for these constructive discussions. We all know somebody who has been affected by the illness but sometimes as people [I interject by adding that as black people!] we don't want to talk about Cancer! I want to change that with this event"

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As for the event itself, Ayanda gave us a preview of what to expect when we arrive:

"It's all about good, clean and positive energy. We are even serving non-alcoholic sparkling wine so that it's a clean and sober affair. Although the discussions will be important and heavy, we will also be pampering our guests with a few hand massages and fashion tips".
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Before we wrapped up, we spoke about the rest of her career ambitions and Ayanda revealed that she was looking beyond presenting to make an impact in the entertainment industry. She said:

"I'm looking to focus the next chapter of my career on two things I have always cared about: fashion and acting. Fashion is something that has been ingrained in my DNA and I have carried it with me wherever I go, while acting is something I really wanted to get back to doing more often. Presenting is great and there will always be opportunities, but these two are where I want to bring my attention to now"

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