Babes Wodumo Safe After Assault

Mampintsha physically attacked the musician

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Babes Wodumo shocked the nation on Sunday night (and this shock has rippled into Monday morning) after sharing a video in which her on-and-off lover, Mampintsha, is seen hitting her.

The video was first seen on Instagram Live where Babes Wodumo's account (the one which was hacked last week) was broadcasting from what appeared to be a hotel room. After an altercation with Mampintsha in which he accuses her of cheating, Babes Wodumo hits back in anger and says that to Mampintsha "Ungjwayela Amasimba" (An angered way of saying "you're seriously disrespecting me")

Clearly this spicy reply awakened his anger and the West Ink record label own proceeded to strike Babes Wodumo several times as she whimpered in pain. She managed to switch off the recording in time but by then it had already been seen by thousands of viewers.

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Since then, the video has been re-shared on multiple platforms after eager users were able to download it from her profile. Meanwhile, Babes Wodumo has taken the clip down from her page.

At the time of writing (7 AM on Monday Morning), the incident is dominating social media but the biggest concern is Babes Wodumo's safety. Luckily, according to Natasha Thahane, the Gqom Queen is safe although we're not sure what will happen going forward.

One other name that has been linked to this week's incident is that of Masechaba Ndlovu.

The Metro FM presenter famously put Babes Wodumo on the spot and encouraged her to speak out against her abuser in 2018. Back then, as shocking as the news was, Masechaba was slated for some for meddling in the business of others. Perhaps a few of those critics have changed their tone today.

One thing that is clear South Africa is not tolerating abuse and the masses are calling for the police to make an arrest before midday today.

In the meantime, we pray for the safety of Babes Wodumo and the many other women in her shoes who have less of a platform to speak out.

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