Babes Wodumo's father doesn't mind her showing her bum cheeks

Her teeny-tiny shorts, daring weaves and her risqué dance moves, are all the componenets one needs to form part of the 'Babes Wodumo package.

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Babes Wodumo

Growing up with really religious parents, society expects one to act a certain way and if you to don't live up to their expectations, judgement is passed on.

Ever since Babes Wodumo burst onto the entertainment scene with her hit track, Wololo, people have loved her and she has since built a support force that isn't afraid to put you in your place as far as Babes is concerned.

One thing that is undeniable is that Babes' changed the game and was catapulted to stardom, becoming Mzansi's 'national treasure'. After this particular picture surfaced across the Internet, Babes became the topic of discussion. Her die-hard fans loved the shorts on her, while others questioned her background and Christian like bringing.

    Babes Wodumo Cheeks

    The gqom queen has also received her fair share of criticism and being a pastor's kid has often been dragged into the mix. 

    During an interview with Drum magazine, Babes' father, Mbongeni Simelane said that even though they had a different vision for their daughter, they are incredibly proud of the path she's carved for herself. 

    "We are pastors, Babes isn't. She has her own calling. If her bum-cheeks show and people feel it's a disgrace, then I apologise for her. But when I see my daughter on stage I am proud of her beauty," he said. 

    Her father also said that he also doesn't see anything wrong with Babes' dance moves and that they had accepted that she can't please everyone. 

    Babes has always tackled the hate head-on and has publicly shut down her naysayers on several occasions. In an interview on 5FM earlier this year, Babes said that being 'gossiped' about wasn't a big deal for her. 

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