The Most Bootylicious Mzansi Celebrities

These ZAlebs have dumps like a truck

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Kim Kholiwe and Unathi Nkayi
Big butts, while not novel, have been an object of excitement all over the world for some time now, popularised by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a little cake every now and then?

We, too, are blessed here in Mzansi, and these are some of the top Mzansi celebrities with big booties that we would front if there was ever an international bum competition. 

Unathi Nkayi

Unathi Nkayi, source: Instagram

Former Kaya 959 radio host Unathi Nkayi somehow managed to fly under the radar for a long time. However, after a video of her dancing went viral recently, Mzansi had to acknowledge her buns, which is why she had to come first on this list.

The most impressive part about her buns is that she worked hard for them. Unathi has been a fitness fanatic for a while now, hitting the gym hard. She shared her weight loss journey, talking about how much she disliked her body, and what led her to the decision to do something about it.

Unathi Nkayi before and after photos, source: Instagram

If you’re not impressed by the buns, you are at least impressed by her immense discipline in keeping herself fit. 

Tebogo Thobejane

Tebogo Thobejane, source: Instagram

Actress and model Tebogo Thobejane is certainly one of the most endowed ladies in the Mzansi entertainment scene, which might account for her large social media following. She takes pride in her assets, and often shares videos of herself twerking to celebrate what her mama gave her.

Fun fact: she is one of the few celebrities in Mzansi to have an OnlyFans account. Use that information however you wish to. 

Cyan Boujee

Cyan Boujee, source: Instagram

DJ and brand influencer Cyan Boujee often keeps Mzansi entertained with drama, but she is not trending for a scandal, it is probably because of her curves. In fact, she is one ZAleb who can make all of Mzansi agree on her attractiveness.

But her bum almost landed her in trouble recently, when she was vacationing in Botswana. She posted videos of herself in a bikini shaking her bum, which got all of Mzansi talking about the possibility of her arrest, since Botswana is famously known for having an insanely strict “moral code” surrounding “indecent dressing”. She had to set her accounts to private to lock potential troublemakers out, but she is officially back now. 

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu, source: Instagram

Controversial dancer and performer Zodwa Wabantu first got famous for her lewd dancing, so that should already tell you some of what you need to know about her.

She is one of those South African celebrities with big booties and she is not afraid to show it, as we can tell from the fact that most of her clothing is sheer.

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Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi, source: Instagram

Model, influencer and entrepreneur Faith Nketsi is the perfect manifestation of the song lyrics "If you can see it from the front, wait till you see it from the back". She is curvaceous on all sides, and the icing on the cake (pun intended) is that she has a tiny waist.

She has attained the perfect body at such a young age, that fans were convinced she was lying when she celebrated her birthday recently. But listen, if she's blessed, she's blessed.

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Kim Kholiwe

Kim Kholiwe, source: Instagram

South African media personality Kim Kholiwe first hit the spotlight for her twerking skill, so we can immediately infer what she is working with.

She has since reinvented herself as an entrepreneu and event hostess, proving that she has more longterm goals for her career. She is also a reality show star, alongside her bestie Faith Nketsi on the Have Faith, so we know she is a multitalented queen.

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Brown Mbombo 

Brown Mbombo, source: Instagram

Model and influencer Brown Mbombo takes pride in being a thick babe. Every single one of her social media posts attracts insane engagement, as the guys pour in her comments to compliment her curves.

She recently stirred up a storm when she shared summer photos of herself on vacation, leaving all the women wanting to be her. She bears it all well, though, as she is sweet and humble.

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Cassper Nyovest

Rapper turned Amapiano star Cassper Nyovest is the only gentleman to make it here, as an honorary mention, but nobody said we would only mention ladies.

Yes, we realise having Cassper on this list is rather unconventional, but hear me out. Have you seen Cassper dance in the Siyathandana music video? No? Well, have a look.
Youtube embed

After that we can bet you agree. But if you don’t it’s all well and good too. It’s just that he does have junk in the trunk, and you would be hard pressed to convince us otherwise.

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Theirs may not be the most famous butts in the world, but Kim K would be proud. But most of all, we love to see that they have transcended stereotypes and made more of themselves than just an image of curves, natural or surgically enhanced. 
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