Basetsana Kumalo goes all out for her kids' birthday parties

Basetsana Kumalo went all out for her little ones.

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The mother of three expressed on Instagram that it's hard to make time to celebrate all your childrens birthday's separately especially if they’re all born on different days.

The starlet spoke openly about how she doesn’t have a private or public life and that she only lives one life. She said that she makes time for all aspects of it and that it is by choice that she chooses to celebrate all three of her children's birthdays on the same day.

Her children each celebrated their birthdays just the way they wanted to even though they all shared their birthday celebrations all on the same day. Nkosinathi (12) Kgosi (5) and little Bontle (3) undoubtedly had the best birthday parties any kid could wish for.


The starlet didn’t spare any money when it came to her kids big day.


They all had their separate themes but it was all one big celebration at the end of the day. Basetsana even decked out a special table for the big kids (the parents).

It all came together beautifully and as colourful as the day was.

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We guess it's safe to say that Basetsana Kumalo has won the Mom Of The Month badge, hands down.

Bassie Kumalo
Bassie Khumalo

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