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A full coverage makeup face beat isn't an easy thing to accomplish. There are ton and tons of makeup vloggers out there trying to teach us how to expertly paint your face but we all still need a few tips here and there.

Choosing the perfect foundation, bronzer, primer, highlighter and blusher can be overwhelming. Here's a list of makeup brands and products to try:

Bronzer is for all skin types
Bronzers create that glow that takes years off your face. Remember, though, that when it comes to bronzer, pick the shade about one or two steps darker than your natural complexion. Here's a great one to try.
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Foundation that lasts
It is very important that you look for foundations that last, okay. The last thing you want is for your makeup to have been half wiped off by the time you even get to lunch. Look for ones with at least 18 hour staying power.
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Highlighter with a punch
If you pay attention to beauty trends, you may have noticed a recent rise in highlighter use. A Highlighter is essentially a glitter powder that gives you that glow that Instagram baddies have. Try one with golden or rose gold under tones for a complimentary glow.
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