The best music videos of 2015 so far

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The quality of South African music has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and with it, so has the quality of South African music videos.

Artists are investing more time, effort, and money towards the production of stellar music videos. A simple green screen video or a house DJ walking around aimlessly in the Jo’burg CBD just doesn’t cut it anymore.

2015 has been a good year for local music videos and we take a look at some of the best videos to come out of Mzansi this year.

DJ Sliqe – Do Like I Do (remix)

The original video for DJ Sliqe's Do Like I Do did not do the song justice. It was the usual run-of-the-mill, party at a car wash with lots of booze and girls type of video.

The video for the remix, however, was a thing of beauty. It’s rare that the video to the remix of a song is better than the original, but this right here is the exception.

Tumi ft Busiswa – Visa

Fellas, how often have you found yourself begging your significant other for a visa? You know, a free pass to let you go out with your boys for a night of ‘innocent’ fun? Well, life imitates art in this video as we see Tumi begging Kalawa's Busiswa for that ever-so-elusive visa. ZAlebs approves of the Visa video.

Black Motion – Fortune Teller

The Black Motion movement has been unstoppable. Following the success of their hit song Rainbow, the house music duo blessed us with this brilliant video.

It’s Black Motion, meets black magic, meets Michael Jackson’s Thriller, meets zombies. It feels like our description isn’t doing it justice, so just peep this visual masterpiece for yourself.

Stilo Magolide – Mr Party

Remember what we said earlier about green screen videos just not cutting it anymore? Well, Stilo Magolide's Mr Party is the exception to the rule, because it’s Stilo Magolide and the rules don’t apply to Stilo.​

Da L.E.S ft. AKA & Burna Boy – P.A.I.D

This list wouldn't be complete without Da L.E.S. The North God always delivers fire flame emoji music videos (see Heaven, Fire, Dice) and this one is no different. Nigerian-born director Sesan blesses this video with his creative touch, and there is no doubt about it, this video brings the heat.​

Do you think we missed any other videos? Let us know in the comments section below.

​Image Credit: Instagram