Big Brother Hotshots: Resa and Mira say goodbye

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Top of The

On Sunday night we watched the first two Big Brother Hotshot Housemates face eviction. We were not at all surprised to see Zambian housemate, Resa and Mozambique chickita Mira leave. After all, many of you viewers have wasted no time in voicing your opinions on who your favourites are.


ZAlebs managed to interview the two and hear their thoughts on their experience in the Big Brother house even though it only lasted for a week.

Resa, welcome back to the real world. Just to put you on the spot, what was your first impression of Mira the day you guys met?

Well I just thought she was such a pretty girl with a great personality too.

So what exactly was running through your mind when you heard your name being announced as the first housemate being evicted?

I was really calm about it, I just thanked the Lord for this journey and I accepted that it was the end of my time in the house. No love lost there with the other housemates.

Speaking about housemates, as the days rolled on by who did you begin to start taking the least interest in? Or for an even harsher term who did you begin disliking?

I felt like Sheillah was quite the bully. Not even "was" she actually is a bully. I also felt like Tayo was just too loud for my liking, he needs to calm down and come back to earth. Yeah, those two were the most annoying housemates for me.

But don’t you think that being loud and out there is a form of strategy and advantage for people to last longer in the game?

I don’t think that being loud is an advantage because if you look at previous competitions, the loudest housemate hasn’t really come out on top as the winner. It’s not about being loud but it’s about being true and your personality will just speak for itself. The other theatrics aren’t needed for you to win this game.

Did you secretly have love interest towards anyone in the house?

Hmmm…is that a trick question? [Laughs]

Well…what do you think?

I think it’s a trick question but I’m going to reveal it anyway… there’s a mutual attraction between myself and Permithias.

Speaking about attraction we then targeted our questions to Mira who had some rather steamy moments with housemate Luis.

First of all how does it make a young woman like you feel when being compared to Gabrielle Union?

It makes me feel very beautiful and I’m just flattered by such comments. I get that comment a lot but I still get all shy and blush when someone tells me that. It’s very much appreciated.

You shocked a lot of people this past week when you not only kissed Luis but you kissed Nhlanhla also. Was that part of your strategy for this or were you just trying to spark up a flame in the house?

[Laughs] Honestly there was no strategy hey, I was just having fun. I also didn’t have a strategy; actually my strategy was to not have a strategy.

Who are you hoping to see leave next week?

I really hope Tayo leaves the house next week.

Interesting, but why Tayo?

He’s very loud and cocky and that didn’t settle well with me. He also acts as though the money is already in his possession and he just brings everybody’s spirit down so that he can feel better and that’s unacceptable for me.

So now that you’ve left the house, what are your intentions with Luis. Are you guys going to leave it at that [the in-house romance] or will you be dating when he leaves the house or wins the prize?

Yeah..well we don’t know what’s going to happen it will all depend on when we see each other. But I am hoping that everything goes well between us. He’s a very nice guy and I like him a lot.

The naysayers on social media have been calling you out by your name since kissing both guys. How are you going to handle those types of responses now that you’re out in the public?

Before I entered the house I knew that I had to be mentally prepared for this game and whatever negative remarks I would receive. So I’m ready for whatever comes, it really doesn’t bother me, I did what I did and if they want to call me names that’s their problem not mine.