Blessing, Going To Taboo Isn't An Achievement

Wow guys, the friends you keep

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It seems like Date My Family has changed from it being a show about finding the perfect partner to it becoming a show about annoying friends who stand the chance of sabotaging your potential girlfriend or boyfriend.

In this week's episode of Date My Family, we got introduced to 26-year-old Floyd Vuma, who works in the Quality Management division of the company he works for.

The bachelor was in search of a compatible partner, little did he know that he would instead be introduced to rude friends who have their priorities a bit screwed.

The highlight of this week's episode was when Floyd was introduced to Nondumiso's friends - Chiedza, Maphuthi and the infamous Blessing who annoyed the entire nation with his rather questionable mentality towards clubs and life in general.

We knew Blessing was going to be a bit of an annoyance when he mentioned that Ndumi is a bit boring and that they just tolerate her. Wow, what happened to being a supportive wingman Blessing?

We also knew Blessing was going to be problematic because of the way he welcomed Floyd into the house.

Blessing was not polite at all, he didn't greet Floyd with even a fake smile. But then again he did mention that he was not feeling Floyd from the moment he laid eyes on him and that Floyd 'just looks like a kid'.

We found it a bit hilarious how disappointed he looked when Floyd told him that he's 26-years-old. The look on Blessing's face was priceless.

And then the last straw that broke the camels back was when Blessing made comparisons about clubs.

When Floyd mentioned that he usually parties at Zone 6 Venue, Blessing was not impressed and mentioned that Nondumiso does not attend such clubs but goes to "high-end" clubs like Taboo.

When Floyd made a commenting about Taboo being overrated Blessing pulled out all the stops by mentioning that people who say that Taboo is overrated are usually the type of people who cannot afford to enter such clubs.

Wow, really Blessing?

At this point, Floyd probably either wanted to leave or punch Blessing in the face.

The look of an irritated bachelor.

Before Floyd left, Blessing even told him that he didn't think that Floyd is the one for his friend and honestly we don't think Floyd wanted anything to do with Nondumiso or her friends either.

What a disaster of a date that was.

These are just some of the reactions from people who were annoyed by Blessings attitude.

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