Blue Mbombo Biography: Age, Family, Education, Boyfriend, Career, Fashion, Business, Brand Endorsements, Controversy, Net Worth

From Big Brother South Africa to being one of the top influencers in the country.

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Blue Mbombo is a South African model, reality television star, businesswoman, and creative star. After her rising fame on Big Brother South Africa 2015  - Blue Mbombo took the media industry by storm and turned everything in her favour. 

She is a social media influencer with half a million followers on Instagram. 

This is Blue's biography and what her journey has been like in the media industry. 

Blue Mbombo Age

Azul Thandi “Blue” was born on the 17th of December in 1989. She is 30 years old.

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Blue Mbombo Family

She has a twin sister named Brown Mbombo and she also has an elder brother. Blue and her twin sister Brown are born to their father who is half Portuguese and she was given the name Azul which in Portuguese means Blue.
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Azul discovered that people were having a hard time pronouncing her name so decided to use a direct translation of her name. She is also known as Blue Duchess, and her official middle name is Thandi.

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Blue Mbombo Boyfriend

Blue Mbombo used to see the rapper K2 while she was still in Big Brother South Africa, in 2015. Blue Mbombo is now believed to be seeing Sean McCollet who is a model and television presenter. The couple posted their lovely pic together during a Calvin Klein photoshoot.

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Blue Mbombo Career

Blue Mbombo started working at the age of 15. Growing up as a confident and well-spoken young girl, Blue Mbombo decided to become an influence for Lux while promoting the brand in Welkom, Free State. 

She continued her journey working as a brand promoter but culturally, doing the natural business to customer marketing. After Blue Mbombo finally found how to work around social media and grow her social networks, she eventually became a social media influencer.

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Blue Mbombo would work as a model for different brands and has entered modelling competitions while in her primary and secondary school. As someone who was fascinated by the media industry as a whole, Blue Mbombo started taking private acting classes. 

She landed an acting role in 2015 when she joined the Diski Divas which is a reality show that shows the lifestyle of South African soccer players and their love affairs. 

Blue Mbombo Fashion

Blue Mbombo is known for her undeniably beautiful sense of fashion. She is known to attend awards and always gets recognition for her beautiful sense of clothing.

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Mbombo is known for her fashion sense that she uploads on her Instagram feed. During lock down, Blue Mbombo has shown how to be home and still dress up for different photoshoots for different settings.

Blue Mbombo is a huge fan of brands such as Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana and many more international brands. She is a fashionista who also supports local brands such as Maxhosa.

This print is everything on her skin tone

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We love this two piece ensemble

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When you know you can channel that Beyonce look

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Silver me in that sizzling dress

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Let that Mzansi beauty shine even in Greece

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Definitely, Blue is one of those celebrities who has her styles unmatched.

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Blue Mbombo Business

Blue Mbombo is a fashion mogul who owns a clothing line business called, Duchess Blue Denim which she launched in 2015. She owns a different set of clothes from designer tops to sweaters and lingerie. She is addicted to shopping and with that, her business flourishes.

She is a partner of Moziak Africa which is a media house aimed at writing authentic African Stories. "With the trajectory of where digital is going, owning an online magazine makes good business sense,” shares Blue Mbombo.

She adds: “I was drawn to Moziak Magazine because of their great content and continental footprint. I’m excited to join a team of disruptors and trendsetters and I look forward to bringing my creativity alive in a magazine format. "

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Blue Mbombo Brand Endorsements

Blue Mbombo started her journey of being an influencer in 2004 when she first appeared on a local Magazine as a brand ambassador for New Look Hair Salon. The owners of the hair Salon took her to Sandton Convention Centre for a hair show. Blue Mbombo being a stunning beauty, she was approached by Dark ’n Lovely to be their face in the Free State.

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As a model, Blue has collaborated with Clere Radiance for their skincare product where she is still serving as the face of the brand.  She is also the face of Himeros Luxury Swimwear, where she is the brand ambassador and shows her range of swimwear through her Instagram.

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Blue Mbombo signed with Dark ‘n Lovely to represent the Free State in 2004. The model and creative has remained with the brand for 16 years working as their brand ambassador.

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As a model, Blue Mbombo continues to show her dominance in the lingerie category with hopes of becoming a global influencer for Calvin Klein. Blue Mbombo signed a deal and was announced as the official brand ambassador for Tammy Taylor Nails in 2018.

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Blue Mbombo Controversy

Blue Mbombo is known for being direct in her approach to social media. Azul has called our celebrities and reminded them that they would be nothing without their fans. 

According to the model, she wanted to remind celebrities that their fame is built up by their fans and in turn, they shouldn't act or think they are better than the next person.

The question still remains; Is there anytime that Blue does not look like a million bucks? Being one of Mzansi's top social media snd fashion influencers, Blue hopes to maintain her credit in the public whilst securing those deals that will have her cash in those cheques.

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