Blue Mbombo takes over Ghana

Her presence is felt all over the continent

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Blue Mbombo  | Top of The

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There is no greater feeling than having your face showcased all over the world, let alone in your own home continent.

This really just shows the hard work and perseverance you as an individual have in ensuring that you leave a mark in this world and that is exactly what Blue is doing with her life.

The Dark & Lovely brand ambassador was proud to showcase a life-size billboard of herself hoisted on a building in Ghana recently.

If there is one thing that Blue is definitely doing right in her career is the fact that she is aligning herself with the correct type of brands.

Not only is she associated with Dark & Lovely but she is also the brand ambassador of Clere as well.

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And we have a good feeling she's getting those Cadbury cheques as well.

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Shout out to Blue for going out there and getting what she wants from life.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BlueMbombo

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