Boity finally drops Wuz Dat Video

Just in time for the New Year!

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Boity dropped her debut single in August 2018, but we’ve had to wait until December to finally get our eyes on the visuals. Not that we’re complaining because better late than never, right? 

The rapper, who teamed up with Nasty C to release her first ever hip hop song (actually first ever song, period) has been teasing at the video release for some time and she waited until the final 10 days of 2018 to finally let her fans join in on the fun when she announced that Wuz Dat the video was now available for streaming.

In the single, many people pointed out how fiercely Boity was reciting her rhymes and she’s managed to maintain the same energy in the video. Cutaways where she raps to camera see the hip hop newbie showing off mean and confident energy with every line delivered. 

Conceptually, the video fits the energy of the song; the video reeks of affluence, cutting from one luxurious scene to another, in between moments where Boity drives around her sexy yellow Lamborghini. 

Nasty C appears in the video too, with all of the pomp and confidence of a rapper who has run the game in 2018. 

It might not be one of the videos we consider for “video of the year” next year, but it’s a strong effort from an artist who we’re keen to keep an eye on in 2019. 

Check it out below:
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