The Legend Behind Bonang Matheba's Sparkling Wine

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With the release of the House of BNG and its Brut and Brut Rosé Méthode Cap Classiques in 2019, media star Bonang Matheba created her own luxury beverage brand (MCCs).

As a result of Bonang's "love letter to Africa," the brand became the country's preferred celebration partner – from the Presidential Inauguration to Miss South Africa – and 'Queen B' became the first black woman to join the Cap Classique Producers Association.

Soon after, the House of BNG released its Prestige Reserve MCC, which debuted in the SunMet, Africa's greatest and wealthiest horse race.

What next after Bonang Matheba’s sparkling wine

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Following the launching of the Nectar collection, one of the first African brands to produce a true sparkling wine in a can, the House of BNG continues to reinvent the category and its relentless ascension in the South African luxury beverage industry.

"For a long time, the House of BNG was a passion project of mine. It's no secret that champagne is my favorite beverage, so the opportunity to produce my own MCC was one I couldn't pass up. "I'm ecstatic about the brand's expansion and new product development," Bonang says.

The Process…

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Bonang, dubbed the "Champagne Queen," chose to make MCCs with Cape grapes rather than champagne (made from region-specific French grapes) in the beginning. This involved acclaimed Cape Wine Master Jeff Grier carefully crafting a unique blend from the best grapes from across the world-renowned Stellenbosch wine-producing region. 

Bonang participates in the creation process to suit her tastes, from advising on the balance of bitter and sweet to the size of the bubbles.

"Working with Bonang has been a beautiful experience. "From bouquet to palate, the MCCs represent Bonang's attitude of liveliness and optimism," according to Jeff Grier. "As for the Nectar line, it's a fantastic wine made in the Demi-Sec style, which is light in style but rich on flavor."

Legal issues with Bonang Matheba sparkling wine business

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Bonang Matheba stated in October 2021 that she had canceled her contract with her management firm. Her legal battle over her sparkling wine label House of BNG, she said, is still ongoing.

She also stated that she would explain what had occurred. She went on to say that if it hadn't been for the COVID-19 outbreak, she would not have paid attention to what was going on. As a result, she appreciates the lessons.

Other Ventures

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Aside from Bonang Matheba’s sparkling wine business, she also has diverse interests in Writing. On 7 June 2017, Matheba released her autobiographical book From A to B written through Black Bird Books' Thabiso Mahlape. 

The book received negative publicity from the South African public, with many lambasting the book on social media regarding its litany of spelling, grammatical and factual errors. 

The outcry led to the book being pulled from store shelves by book retailing giant Exclusive Books. It was later replaced with a second edition where many of the previous errors were corrected.

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