Bonang fans dissappointed that her reality show won't be available on DStv Compact

The news of Bonang's reality show came as a great and interesting surprise to her fans however, some of them are not quite happy.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Top of The

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Being Bonang

On Thursday afternoon, the media personality confirmed that she'll have her own reality show titled, Being Bonang,  which is set to air in July on Vuzu Amp.

Her supporters were obviously delighted at the news, but when they came to the realization that the reality show would only be aired on Vuzu Amp, things became a bit sour.

A range of hilarious tweets with the hashtag #BeingBonang began trending on Twitter.

People with DStv Compact only, were clearly disappointed and accepted the fact that they would be watching Bonang's reality show via Twitter.

It's ok guys, reality shows are always entertaining on Twitter anyway.

Maybe DStv will change  its mind and place Bonang's show on DStv Compact as well, if not, people will just have to settle with watching the repeats of the show next year or six months down the line.

You know you're a serious media powerhouse when people are strategizing as to how they'll convince their parents to upgrade to DStv Premium. DStv needs to cut Bonang a cheque for this tweet.

You gotta love the City of Joburg's Twitter page, they're always looking at creative and hilarious ways to remind us to save water and it's clearly working.

Main image Credit: Twitter/@Bonang_Matheba

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