Bonang Matheba confirms that she will release a series of books

There might be a "From B to C" in future...

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Bonang Matheba confirms that her autobiography will be the first in a series

Speaking to a select audience at the launch party of her book held last night at Sandton City's Diamond Walk, Matheba confirmed that 'From A to B' is the first in a series of books. The purpose of which was to document a chapter of her life that she is now looking to put behind her as she moves on. 

After some words of welcome by the book's publisher, Thabiso Mahlape, guests sat down to listen to a discussion facilitated by SABC news reader, Ayanda Allie-Payne, who took Matheba on a chapter-by-chapter journey so that she could summarise the main lessons of each chapter or her thinking behind what she chose to reveal. 

She went over everything from her upbringing to her time at the SABC 1 music show Live, as well as why she decided to leave the show for Top Billing. She skirted over the issue of betrayal, simply choosing to say:

The rest of the evening was filled with a bunch of other quotables from Matheba before she took some questions from the floor. She wrapped up the evening by asking her guests to buy a copy of the book to get it signed in addition to getting a photo with her. 

That caused quite a frenzy as her guests rushed towards the front to get their time with the Queen Bee. They were in such a rush that they paid no mind to the glasses left on the floor by the seats as they pushed seats back to make space for their make-shift queue (which was actually more of a crowd than a queue). But that just speaks to the celebrity of Bonang Matheba. The fact the she could cause such pandemonium, albeit mild pandemonium, proves her star power. 

Everyone wondered whether she would address the elephant in the room, the grammatical and factual errors in her book, and she didn't.

She merely thanked everyone involved in organizing the night, as well as her publishers, her boyfriend AKA and her family. As thank you's were being exchanged, Matheba's mentor and another one of South Africa's most celebrated famous female faces, Basetsana Kumalo stood up to commend her on coming this far. It's clear to see why Matheba calls her 'aunt Bassie,' they love each other so much, one would swear that they were blood relatives. 

Other famous faces in attendance included former Miss SA Vanessa Carreira, Rami Chuene, Lalla Hirayama (with her new boyfriend on tow), Pearl Modiadie, Johanna Mukoki and Bonang's favourite person, AKA. You can watch the first few minutes of the discussion below. 

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