Bonang Matheba's new film drops in 2019

Bonang is taking her brand to the big screen.

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Bonang Matheba couldn’t let 2018 end without celebrating one more win, so she recently announced that she would be starring in a feature film next year. 

Bonang took to Twitter to make the announcement on Wednesday afternoon, while also confirming that she would be working with film producer Brian Corso on the project titled Public Figure. Corso owns American production house, Red Button Films, who will also be producing the film. 

We’re used to seeing Bonang on our screens, but it’s rare that we see her on the big screen. The presenter has never dabbled in acting, so it was a pleasant surprise when she revealed that she would be starring in a new film next year.
As it turns out, she won’t be doing anything she’s not already familiar with in the film. From what we can gather, this is a documentary that revolves around the impact of fame in the social media era. 

Red Button Films describes it as: “A documentary that investigates the psychological effects of everyday social media use while exploring how our influencers deal with the fame, money, hate and obsession that comes with it.” 

Judging from this, we couldn’t have chosen many better personalities than Bonang for a role such as this.

Mo'ghel has also been snapped behind the scenes of the upcoming film:
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We can’t wait to see how this pans out!

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