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The braid styles to try out this summer.

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Like it or not, braids are part of black cultures, we've been doing them for so long that it can get repetitive without even realising. Don't fear the eating of your hairline or maintenance, braids are a convenient way to keep your hair healthy and protected. Plus, the right braids can completely revamp your whole aesthetic. 

Take a look at some of the styles you should try out: 

Nomuzi's Box Braids

The presenter walked the #RoastofAKA red carpet with her box braids in a high ponytail. Channeling the spirit of Boom Shaka, this style has gone from a simple home body style to a go-to for beautiful confident women, like Nomuzi.

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Khanyi Mbau's Straight Up

The straight-up braids look is a golden oldie. We all remember getting these done at the beginning of a school term because our parents were just over having to get up early to comb our hair - good times. But now, like yourselves, it's a lot more grown and sexy. It's a great style to keep your hair off your shoulders in this heat with a sleek long ponytail. This one on Khanyi makes total sense.

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Dj Doowap's Rainbow

The nice part about braids is that it's the easiest (and cheapest) way to add some colour to your hair. Contrary to what our grandmothers may think, your hair can be whatever colour you want. If you can't decide, that's fine too - just get all of them. DJ Doowap's signature candy rainbow braids have helped her grow her brand and look amazing while doing it.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@moozlie