Brenda Ngxoli thrives in being different

She's one of our faves

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In the world of Twitter and Insta madness, how often do we see ordinary people let alone celebrities thriving in unpopular lifestyles?

Well, Alicia Keys did it when she chose her no makeup trend which obviously received backlash from a few while some loved her confidence in taking the stand.

Most of our popular celebrities nowadays just wanna enjoy the perfect holidays with fancy lifestyles to show for it but it can only be a few like talented actresses Brenda Ngxoli whose showbiz career is shown from the comfort of her rural home down in Tsomo in the Eastern Cape.

Brenda Ngxoli

The 38-year-old actress has been on the television scene the longest with some of her best roles being Vuyo in SABC1’s Home Affairs, a role she received an International Emmy award nomination for in 2007.

Amongst many other roles, Brenda featured in an endless list of dramas and TV roles including City Ses’la, Rockville, Tsha Tsha, The Real Goboza as well as hosting a season of Our Perfect Wedding.

It is this undeniable talent and experience in the acting field that has seen her trending on Twitter earlier this year as the best person to play the icon Brenda Fassie in an upcoming biopic.

With several awards to her name including two SAFTAs for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Comedy on Ses’Top La and Best Supporting Actress for her role on Rockville, Brenda has a touch of gold whenever it comes to the different roles she genuinely portrays to keep Mzansi entertained.


Some consider her the most talented and versatile actress in the industry and we couldn’t agree any less. Brenda’s career which began in theatre performances like Doc’s Wife, Sacred Thorn, to mention a few has successfully graduated into a strong onscreen powerhouse.

With a BA in Theatre and Performing Arts qualification from the University of Cape Town, Brenda also thrives in public speaking and motivational talks to inspire young people as well as appearances on several television commercials including MTN and Polka.

It is also important to note that Brenda is a socially conscious actress who doesn’t believe in portraying roles that are against her values. Give her any role promoting tribalism, white supremacy or xenophobic attitudes and she will turn it down.

Although the actress faced many challenges throughout her career including sexual and verbal harassment in the industry, Brenda stood tall and firm for her values and today she stands proud as one of the most talented actresses in the country.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BrendaNgxoli