Brenda Ngxoli: What Rockville’s Gladys taught me

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Arguably one of South Africa’s most respected on screen and theatrical talents, Brenda Ngxoli has consistently given her all with every single character she’s brought to life. 

From her gripping role as Vuyo on Home Affairs to her hilarious stint as Thandi on City Ses'la, having Brenda Ngxoli on your television screen is bound to be one entertaining fest.

Her most recent character, Gladys, showcased a side of Brenda we’ve never seen before.

Gladys brought tears to the eyes of many in Rockville's last episode when the reasons behind her being an alcoholic were revealed.


In a recent interview with ZAlebs, she explained to us what Gladys taught her about life and being a woman.

"I think with that character I realised that us as females, we always try and hide things and act normal and I think in the last episode we realised that Gladys' alcohol problems came from the fact that she couldn't make children," she said.

"Glady also taught me that in life you're not the only one who has problems. Deal with your problems before your problems deal with you because it actually became that elephant in the room that dealt with Gladys through alcoholism. 

"There are so many things expected from women and one of those things is to succeed in making children and if you don't make children, you're seemingly seen as a failure.

"So Gladys has taught me to be myself and deal with my problems and not for them to deal with me."

Stay tuned for part two of our interview with Brenda Ngxoli as she speaks about fellow actress Vatiswa Ndara, and why she decided to move away from Johannesburg.

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