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Think of one thing that frustrates you simply because it's not possible. For instance, why have we not figured out a way to make healthy fried chicken wings? Now, I have to compromise my health every time I want to enjoy Chicken Licken's fine, delicious hot wings. Anyways, that's far removed from the actual point of this article. We've all heard about the amazing scientific feat that was the comet landing a few hours ago (If you haven't, check out the Comet Landing trend on Twitter to find out what went down).

However, a few disgruntled South African Twitter users have decided to pose several points in their tweets, mainly along the lines of "We can't do *insert frustration here* #ButWeCanLandOnAComet". One big Laugh Out Loud from us at Team ZAlebs as we read through the tweets under this hashtag. Have a look at some of the funniest tweets we highlighted from this hilarious trend.