Calling all up-and-coming artists!

We've heard your pleas and we're finally doing it! If you're an up-and-coming musician this one is definitely for you. 

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Master A in a crowd

Being an artist is hard. That's why we're introducing something fresh and exciting to take care of the 'getting your music out there' part!

AKA standing over the world

As a new artist, you have to sell a limb or soul to get that co-sign or even get put on. We've been out here scoping the scene and we just wanted all you musicians to know: we gotchu. The great part is we'll put you on and you won't have to part with a thing. We're introducing 2 new pages which will be dedicated to unearthing the diamonds in the rough. Introducing #TuneTuesdays and #SCWednesdays. 

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Kwesta in front of a crowd


There's a whole lot of unheard music that's out there floating on the internet. Living in this fast paced world though it's kind of hard to get all the goodness one time. That's where #TuneTuesday comes in. We'll be bringing you fresh discoveries that we've bumped into on the internet. If you want to save us a trip you can bring your new songs to us. We'll do the rest.  


Are you tired of being referred to as a Soundcloud artist and want to show the world that you're about it? Well, send us a link to your music on Soundcloud and we'll put it in the #ZAPlaylist. It'll be the perfect way to get it to the people who deserve your beautiful sounds and halt the SC haters. 

Kid X ebantwini

Soooo, whatchu waiting for? Send a bio, contact details, pics and the links to your music to [email protected] and let's get you out there and flourishing. Alternatively, you can use the hashtag #ZAPlaylist on Twitter or Facebook and we'll find you.