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In addition to recently being voted Artist Of The Decade at the South African Hip Hop awards Cassper Nyovest has a plethora of awards and accomplishments to his name. The rapper is a media magnet and a constant topic of discussion on the Twitter streets, netizens love to hate him and hate to love him because of the way he believes in himself and in his brands.

Although the rapper dropped out of school at an early age, he is one of the most successful personalities in the entertainment industry and many have even dubbed him a marketing genius and industry trendsetter.

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Cassper Nyovest rose to fame and started making good money because of his music skills but has since diversified his income portfolio and now has various streams of income that add to his net worth. 

In addition to making bank from local and international performances, album sales, producing music in his recording studio, his celebrity boxing matches and his alcohol Billiato sales, the rapper makes money from his sneakers.

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Let’s take a look at Cassper Nyovest’s sneakers and how South Africa’s Artist Of The Decade earns from shoes.

DRIP Footwear Sneakers

Drip Footwear is an authentic South African shoe brand with design and quality at the core of everything they do. The brand's goal is to empower customers, no matter their background, upbringing or where they come from, to define their own definition of greatness. The aim of the brand is to be trustworthy, responsive, inventive, and passionate in everything they do and produce.

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Who Owns Drip Footwear

Although a lot of people think of Drip as Cassper Nyovest’s sneakers, the rapper does not actually own the brand, the company was started and is owned by Lekau Sehoana. The businessman began his entrepreneurial journey in highschool after growing up in an informal settlement and not having any shoes to wear to school.

The business has since grown and currently employs over 150 people across the country. The rapper collaborated with Lekau on a sneaker line after Cassper reached out to him to recognize and congratulate him on his work. The Drip 990 Roof of Fame then became Cassper Nyovest’s sneaker and one of the best selling shoes from the brand.

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How Much Are Cassper Nyovest’s Sneakers

The Drip 990 Roof of Fame sneaker retails for R990. Last year EFF leader Julius Malema had social media going crazy after he offered to bless 50 of his Twitter followers with a pair of Cassper Nyovest's sneakers. This was in an effort to promote the brand and the politician spent R49,500 just under 50k on his good deed.

How Much Did Cassper Nyovest Make From His Sneakers

By nature, Cassper Nyovest is a businessman, everything he does makes him money and this collaboration was no different. The rapper sealed the deal in collaboration with Drip Footwear and the official figure that was shared by both parties was a whopping R100 million.

Picture source: @casspernyovest Instagram

It goes without saying that Cassper Nyovest’s sneakers are definitely putting some good money into his pocket.

Have you gotten yourself a pair?

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