Cassper Promises a new Nadia Nakai album

It’s been a long time coming but this could be the year.

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Nadia Nakai had a year to remember in 2018. Bragga continued to climb the hip hop charts and found herself earning the recognition she deserved when the experts (their words, not ours) were putting together their final lists. 

However, if anything was lacking from her highlights of the year, it was probably an album release. Although she’s released a number of EPs in her career, including 2016’s Bragga, we’ve been waiting for a full album from the rapper for years, and it’s a conversation topic that has been brought up a number of times. 

Last year, a tweep openly asked when Nadia Nakai and her label mate, Tshego, would finally be releasing their own studio efforts. They are both signed to Family Tree Records, the same label that Cassper Nyovest owns and records under. However, neither of them has released a studio album in the time that they’ve been working with Abut’ Fill Up. 

"I’m super worried about Tshego and Nadia honestly. Tshego been album ready since two years ago and at one stage he had everyone’s attention but still no album dropped even worse not even a mixtape. Nadia looks album ready but I know she won’t drop. What is actually going on?"

However, Cassper set the record straight when he revealed that Nadia’s record needed a bit of work:

However, nearly a year later and it seems as if Bragga’s progress has impressed her mentor. Cassper recently tweeted that a Nadia Nakai album would definitely be dropping this year:

Many people have pointed out that the language Nyovest used in his tweet was a little too possessive but outside of that, a new Nadia album will be great for her career and hip hop as a whole. With Nyovest’s Family Tree finding itself new roots following a partnership with Universal Music, the time might be better than ever for the female rapper to release a new record. 

Do you think the wait will be worth it for a new Nadia Nakai record?
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