Inside Cassper Nyovest's House [Photos]

Just living the dream

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An image of Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest is without a doubt one of the biggest and most successful celebrities in South Africa with millions to his name.

A few years ago, the rapper revealed that he had purchased a new home and has been showing us glimpses through social media.

Here are photos, videos, and all the cool details about Cassper Nyovest's house that you've been dying to know.

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Where is Cassper Nyovest’s house located?

Cassper Nyovest's house, credit: Instagram

Cassper Nyovest’s house is located in the high-end suburbs of Kyalami in Johannesburg.

The mansion stands on several acres of land and has enough space for a large garden with tall trees, perfectly manicured hedges, and green grass.

The star, who revealed that he used to be woken up by the sounds of taxis growing up, said that he now wakes up to the sounds of horses in the neighborhood and if that isn't living the dream then we don't know what is.

How much did Cassper's house cost?

Cassper Nyovest's expansive compound, credit: Instagram

In a 2017 interview with Real Talk, it was revealed that Cassper Nyovest’s house had cost him a whopping R10 million

The multi-million dollar mansion is worth every cent. In a word, it can be described as Cassper Nyovest’s dream house. 

What are the cool features of Cassper Nyovest’s house?

Cassper Nyovest’s house boasts of some of the most incredible features ever. The rapper seems to have had a clear picture of his dream house, and he was able to get the perfect home for him.

Here are some of the features that are included inside Cassper Nyovest’s house.

Many large rooms

Although he has not revealed exactly how many bedrooms are in his mansion, Cassper’s house has plenty of bedrooms for all his family, including his mother.

In a past interview, Cassper revealed that the house had rooms for everyone. He also confessed that he still hadn’t digested just how big the house was.

Cassper Nyovest's living room

An image of Cassper Nyovest's living room, credit: Briefly

Cassper's house has a giant living room that is fully furnished with black L-shaped leather couches and light throw pillows. It also has a thick dark grey furry carpet, a long glass table, and a royal blue ottoman that sits in the middle of the room. 

The room also has low-hanging chandeliers and freshly painted clean walls. 
Cassper Nyovest's grand staircase, credit: Instagram

Cassper's dining area

Cassper Nyovest and Chris Martin at Cassper's home, credit: Twitter

The dining area in Caspper Nyovest's house is tastefully furnished with a mix of patterns and textures on the furniture that b rings class to the room.

It also has as well as pieces of art, which gives the room a polished ambiance. We were able to catch a glimpse of this dining room in 2019 when Cassper hosted Coldplay’s lead singer- Chris Martin, in his home and shared a meal.

Cassper Nyovest's garage

Cassper Nyovest's cars parked outside his house, credit: Instagram

Cassper is the proud owner of several luxurious cars, and so as expected, his house has a spacious garage for all his expensive toys that include a Bentley GT Continental, a McLaren GT, a BMW 4281, and a Mercedes-Benz microbus.

Cassper Nyovest's swimming pool and garden

Cassper Nyovest's swimming pool and gardens credit: Instagram

The property also has a giant swimming pool and expansive well-manicured gardens. Next to the pool is an outdoor lounge with several lounge chairs and mini tables.
Cassper Nyovest's swimming pool at sunset, credit: Instagram

The house also has a recording studio where Mufasa can work from home, as well as a cigar-smoking lounge.

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Does Cassper Nyovest have a home gym?

Another cool feature included in Cassper Nyovest's house is a fully-equipped gym. 

The star who loves working out doesn't have to leave his home in order to get in shape. It must be very convenient for him. 
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