Watch: Cassper Nyovest releases 'Malome' video

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Cassper Nyovest is receiving a lot of love for his latest music video for his Malome track. 

The song, which features Mahotella Queens, is fast becoming a fan favourite.

After releasing the song a few weeks ago, fans took to social media to share how much they love the track.

The lyrics are quite personal, as Cassper pours his heart out about a couple of issues. 

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NEW Music : Malome (Deluxe Version) Link in my BIO ... I think I need to slow down I think the money got me zoned out I mean how many rollexes do I own now Maybe I should start acting broke now Cause my success turned the game into a cold heart It got too personal I can't handle the energy I can't go out no more I got too many enemies I get the feeling that all my niggas is scared of me Everything changed when I started paying them salaries Ain't fun anymore My body guard don't leave his gun anymore Me and my dad never have one on ones anymore Hago tshwan anymore My mom is proud but she says she feel like she don't have a son any more I don't enjoy the shit I got anymore Can't even turn up with the squad anymore Endorsements deals got me living like I won idols , I'm squeaky clean, I don't wanna piss the companies off But I ain't worked so hard to be a prisoner Lord send me an angel i need a Miracle I need answers I tried to remain good When Pac died, I'm one of the people that blamed Suge Why we so quick to judge Why do we think we know everything Why am I so scared of the wedding ring Why do I drink this Hennessy like its medicine It's pretty clear my success offends niggas y'all really try a catch up I commend niggas I know taking me down is the plan niggas But yall ain't half as dedicated as I am niggas Growing up I never had nothing So I'll get used to the fact that I have money But You mother fuckers will never get it though But it's cool we can let it go

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Those lyrics are very deep, right? We really love this song!

Watch the video below...

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