Celebrities walking in their parent's footsteps

Like their famous parents, these celebrities chose the entertainment industry rout and without a doubt they are flourishing in it.

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Celebs walking in their parent's foot steps

Celebrities such as Atandwa Kani and the Dube brothers chose to follow their parent's career path and by the looks of things they're doing great.

Singing, acting, and TV presenting; these media personalities are taking over the entertainment industry just like their parents.

We will forever thank Pastor and musician Benjamin Dube for blessing us with his handsome boys. The Dube brothers are not only easy on the eye but they are also doing very well as gospel artists just like their father.

Celebs who are walking in their parents footsteps

Veteran singer Blondie Makhene did well by introducing his daughter Letoya Makhene into the entertainment scene. Letoya started in the entertainment industry alongside her other sisters in an Afro-Pop group called School Girls.

Celebrities who are walking in their fathers footsteps

Atandwa Kani is a very talented actor and for that, we thank his father, John Kani who inspired his son to also join the Arts. 

The father and son duo are currently on set filming for their latest international film titled Black Panther.

Celebrities who are walking in their parents footsteps

Considered to be one of the most talented producers in South Africa, Bongani Fassie, whom we hardly hear music from these days, undeniably took after his mother, Brenda Fassie. 

We miss hearing music from you Bongani, come back.

Celebrities who walk in their parents footsteps

Her beauty is unforgettable just like her mother's and even though she has retired from the entertainment industry, Nonhle Thema made a name for herself. Her mother Cynthia Shange who is still very much present in the acting industry currently acts in Muvhango.

Celebs who walk in their parents footsteps

The children of legendary Maskandi singer Ihhashi Elimhlophe and his wife Ebony formed a group called Amaponi back in the 90's, however it's their eldest daughter Ntombi Ngcobo who has managed to stay relevant throughout the years.

Celebs who are walking in their parents' footsteps

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