Celebrities who proudly embrace their full figures

From Lvovo to Busiswa these celebrities are wearing their weight with pride.

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Celebs who embrace their full figures

With so many celebrities hitting the gym to get rid of the extra body fat for a much leaner figure, some celebrities such as Heavy K and Skhumba embrace their bodies just as they are.

In this day and age, if people are not entering extreme diets, they are breaking a sweat real hard at the gym just to lose weight.

This does not apply to Lvovo this Kwaito singer has been doing justice to his live performances with his full figure since he got introduced to us years ago and he hasn't changed a bit. He danced real hard with his Bayang'sukela track and he is continuing to do just that with his Amatintin track.

Although he did try hitting the gym sometime last year.

Celebs who embrace their full figures

Mr. funny man Skhumba is fully embracing his body and we are not complaining. As long as he continues to crack us up with his jokes, we are happy.

Celebs who embrace their full figures

He doesn't call himself Heavy K for no reason. He is heavy and he is not ashamed of it, although, like Lvovo he's also tried to hit the gym a few times to shed some weight.

Heavy K

Don't worry Heavy K we love you just the way you are, just keep the music coming.

Celebs who embrace their full figures

Zakwe. We love this KwaMashu born Hip Hop/Rap artist just as he is, with his belly and everything that comes with it.

Celebs who embrace their full figures

Between men and women, women are those who are most likely to feel pressured to go on extreme diets, but not Busiswa the energetic singer handles her body very well especially when it comes to those dance moves.

Celebs who embrace their full figure

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