2008vs2018: Celebs share their throwback pics

How hard did age hit them?

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Wow, we were never ready for the amount of comedic relief we were going to receive just from seeing these throwback pictures. However, the good thing is that it's clear that life has treated our entertainers very well.

A number of our media personalities and entertainers have joined in on the #2008vs2018 challenge as they shared they favourite then and now images.

These are just some of our favourite 2008vs2018 looks:

Jr's living his best life

Ever since Jr dropped his 2010 hit single, Make the circle bigger, life has been nothing but a sweet ride for the musician. This is the type of picture you share when you're financially comfortable in your career and can physically show it.

Sizwe Dhlomo is still pushing that grown and sexy look
Sizwe stays looking good, with or without the beard.

That Boity 10 year glow

Wow! Money can really upgrade you. Although, 10 years ago, Boity didn't look bad at all.

Thuso Mbedu still stuck in time

Ain't nothing changed but her bank balance. We're sure it's looking much healthier than it did 10 years ago.

Proverb lost the weight, but gained more respect
Proverb always has the best captions and his #2008vs2018 caption takes the cake!

Wasabi's got that '10 years later' glow up

Okay Wasabi, we see you. Loking all GQ fitted and all.

Awww! Sho Madjozi


hasn't changed one bit. Still looking as cute as ever.

How does your 2008vs2018 challenge look like?

Main image credit: Instagram/@Boity