South African Celebrities Who Went Under The Knife

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Somewhere in the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of the second-most populous country in the world, India, there exists a group of islands commonly referred to as the Adaman Islands.

Of these Islands, there exists one, North Sentinel Island, which serves as a home for an indigenous group of people referred to as Sentinelese, who have chosen to live discreetly from the rest of the world.

These people have two things very close to their hearts, their freedom and security, something they cherish so much that they violently attack approaching vessels in events that have occasionally led to death.

According to them, it is not right for anyone to get within nine Kilometers of the island or travel into the North Sentinel Island. They are, however, full of joy despite their disconnect from the rest of the world.

But still, even they know these South African celebrities who went under the knife and made edits to their bodies.

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Andiswa Selepe surgery

Andiswa Selepe before and after

“The Bomb RSA” makes it to our list first as one of South African Celebrities who went under the knife.

The multitalented curvy Social Media influencer and model, just to mention a few, hit the headlines after rumours that she had done plastic surgery.

After much speculation, Andiswa herself revealed that she has never performed any kind of surgery on herself.

Connie Ferguson’s nose job

Connie Ferguson before and after

For a while, many questioned how the “Generations” star was able to age so well (like fine wine, we had to say, because -why not-).

It was speculated that she had made changes to the shape, size and shape of her nose. Some even said she admitted it herself.

There is only one way in which Connie Ferguson’s rhinoplasty can be proved. Find her doctor, or use your eyes. The answers are there to see.

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Kefilwe Mabote before plastic surgery

Kefiboo is one celebrity whose life has been marred by many rumours of plastic surgery, be it Lip fillers or skin lightening, she has had it all.

It is, however, how she handles it, no one has been more confident about themselves as she is. Plastic surgery or not, she truly is stunning.

In truth, she has actually had these surgeries performed on her.

So she definitely fits in this list of South African celebrities who went under the knife.

Tebogo Thobejane surgery

The Muvhango ace is one celebrity who is admitted to be one among the South African celebrities who went under the knife.

The actress and YouTube star admitted that after the birth of her baby she had Liposuction done. This is a kind of cosmetic surgery in which excessive fats are removed from specific parts of someone’s body.

How much is liposuction in South Africa

Well, whether you drive a Toyota to work, or the latest model Range Rover Sport, there is only one result, you will get there.

The difference is that the one who drives a Range Rover Sport will probably spend more on fuel and be a bit more comfortable along the way.

The same concept applies to liposuction in South Africa. The cost depends on who and where you got your procedure done.

Quality changes everything when the price is concerned.

The most common Liposuction is one of the thighs, abdomen, and flanks under constant circumstances normally take at least 2 and a half hours and costs an average of R 56,000.00.

The cost covers the expert surgeon fees, anaesthetics, consultation, hospital, and surgeon assistants’ fees.

How much is a tummy tuck in South Africa

Quality equals cost, that said, it costs an average of R70 000, to facilitate hospital, surgeon and their assistants’ and initial consultation fees.

What Does it take to do a fat transfer to the buttocks?

Generally, all across the world, the cost of adding fat to buttocks with the aim of making it bigger, on average is around  R73,714, a buttock lift costs an impressive R84,065 on average while on average, getting implants to your backside will probably cost you R80,937.

Faith Nketsi before and after

Yes, the twerking influencer had done it all by 20 and was all set and ready to receive the perks that come with it, although she claims not to have done any serious surgical procedure, Nketsi had her jawline edited and hence makes it on this list as one of the South African celebrities who went under the knife.

Check out photos of Faith Nketsi before and after her procedure.

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Dineo moeketsi before and after

Dineo Moeketsi before and after

Probably one of the country's hottest females at the moment, Dineo has never been shy to share her incredible transformation story with her fans online. 

Her hard work and determination have seen her body become even better as the days go by. It is for this reason that she has made it to this list despite not being among the South African Celebrities who went under the knife.

Cyan Boujee before and after

Many have always been of the opinion that the YouTuber underwent plastic surgery, but the truth is, she has never said it herself.

It would therefore be safe for all of us to assume that she is all-natural, and oh my isn't she the real deal. Those curves are ones to keep a man awake!. If you don’t get it, forget about it.

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