Characters and presenters who had the best phrases

These phrases probably were the main reasons why some of these actors became even more famous.

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Whenever you heard these phrases you immediately knew who was on screen without having to watch the television.

You all probably know a few actors and presenters who had the best phrases on TV. Although you may not remember their character names, you sure do remember the face and their phrases.

Here are some of our favourite phrases from TV characters and presenters.

"As far as I'm concerned"
As far as i'm concerned

Not an episode went by without Tshawe mentioning the phrase "As far as I'm concerned" even if you were in the kitchen washing dishes, you knew it was him who said that.

"You must never!"

And who could forget the ever-so-loud Doris on Muvhango who used to holler 'You must never!' every time someone rubbed her off the wrong way.

"Le mbungulu!"

If you're still wondering what imbungulu means, it's basically a bed bug. Yup, Gogo Louise used to call Sdumo imbungulu on almost every episode. Just know that someone must really dislike you when they refer to you as imbungulu.

"Iyoh bangani iyoh....Azange bangani azange...."

And the list goes on. Vinolia was the queen of phrases back in the day, Jam Alley was her kingdom and we were just living in it.

Jabu sithole

He's probably the only weatherman who made the weather inserts interesting. Jabu Sithole's 'Okumhlophe' phrase became so popular across the country, he even made a song out of it. Jabu, unfortunately, passed away back in 2006.

"Titi pote!"

This phrase was more of Twasa's outro link on Jam Alley. Please don't ask us what it means because we still don't know.

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