Childbirth according to your favourite famous faces

Whether you're a first time mom or you've done it before, it's always comforting to have some info to rely on 

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Childbirth according to your favourite famous faces

ZAleb-ville makes it feel as though it is always baby season. In the past year Gail Mabalane, Busiswa, Tansey Coetzee, Joanne Strauss, Siba Mtongana have welcomed a new bundle of joy, while Jessica Nkosi and Kayise Ngqula each have one on the way. 

For those who are venturing into this for the first time, it can be quite a scary thing to go through, especially with a lack of information but we're here to bring you everything you need to know as told by your favourite famous faces.

One of the biggest things “experts” rarely ever tell new mothers is that you only figure out most of what you’re supposed to do only after your baby is born. You can do all the reading in the world and speak to as many mothers, doctors and experts as you know but practical experience will be your best teacher.

One of the many ZAlebs who recently learned this first hand is celebrity choreographer, Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Dinwiddie.

Takkies shared a very eye opening video documenting the moments shortly after she went into labour and the lead up to the birth of her daughter, Sana. The experience of giving birth varies for everyone, as does the transition into motherhood.

We all have a vague idea of the processes of labour and childbirth but what about the best things to do once your little one is here?

A topic that is not as widely discussed is baby’s first feed shortly after they are born which is very important.

Among the many things that are happening as your baby gets acclimatized to life outside the womb, their sucking and swallowing reflex also start to kick in. One of the ways in which this happens is through their crying.

This is so important in fact, that many hospitals actually offer breastfeeding consultations to prepare moms for baby’s first feed as well as breastfeeding in general. SABC 3 talk show host, Anele Mdoda even discussed this in a show along with former Mrs. SA contestant, Olwethu Leshabane, blogger, Tanya Kovarsky, lactation consultant, Timor Lifschitz and GP, Dr. Sindi Van Zyl.  

It turns out that breastfeeding and feeding in general play more of a role in baby’s development than we know. In addition to helping baby get all the nutrients they need, it aids in the correct development of baby’s jaw and muscles.

The muscles of the jaw play an essential role in learning to eat and to speak later on.

Breastfeeding can make nipples susceptible to cracking and bleeding as explained by Lifschitz, so it is essential to pack things such as soothers and nipple shields when heading to the hospital before giving birth.

Entering the world of parenthood may seem like a lot but armed with the right information and highly recommended products, you can conquer it all.

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