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Constance aka Connie Ferguson is one of South Africa’s most loved famous faces. Most of us got to know her and fell in love with her from her iconic character, Karabo Moroka, on South Africa's most popular soapie, Generations. Connie played the role for well over 15 years and her talent on screen was and still is undeniable. 

In addition to the actress, filmmaker, producer and businesswoman winning us over on screen, she also won our hearts with her fairytale love story to fellow veteran actor Shona Ferguson. The mogul has been married twice and has two beautiful daughters so in this article we will focus on Connie Ferguson’s kids.

Connie Ferguson’s First Marriage

Picture source: @connie_ferguson Instagram
At the age of 22 years old, Connie Ferguson had her first kid with fellow actor Neo Matsunyane in December of 1992. 

The pair went on to get married a year later in 1993 and were together for 5 years before going their separate ways and getting divorced in 1998.

Connie Ferguson’s Second Marriage

Picture source: @connie_ferguson Instagram

Three years after her divorce from Matsunyane, Connie met actor Shona Ferguson in July 2001. Connie often describes him as the love of her and the two got married the same year in November. A year after they said "I DO," the couple welcomed a daughter in June 2002.

Lesedi Matsunyane - Connie Ferguson's First Kid

Picture source: @sediimatsunyane Instagram

Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson clearly followed in her parents footsteps and is an actress, producer, cast coordinator and content creator. She is also the definition of beauty and brains and graduated with a Bachelor of Art Degree in Live Performance from AFDA.

Lesedi began her on screen career from an early age with her first role being in a commercial alongside her mother and stepfather in 2011. She later went to win the hearts of many across the country when she made her acting debut on The Queen and she shot to instant prominence. Lesedi also played Davina Moore on Etv's Rhythm City. 

In 2015 at the age of 22, Connie Ferguson's kid Lesedi, gave birth to her first grandchild Rowena.

Picture source: sediimatsunyane Instagram

Alicia Ferguson - Connie Ferguson's Second Kid

Picture source: @ali.ferguson_ Instagram

Alicia aka Ali is the youngest of Connie Ferguson's kids. She was born in 2002 and just like the rest of her family, she is inclined to the arts. However, Ali is more inclined to dancing and playing the drums, and is frequently seen on her mother's Instagram teaching her a few steps.

As the baby of the family, Ali was also very close to her parents, specifically her father and they often referred to each other as ‘twin’ or ‘doppelganger’. The two would regularly post each other on social media melting our hearts and giving the cutest daddy - daughter moments. 

Picture source: @ali.ferguson_ Instagram

Sadly in 2021 Connie Ferguson lost the love of her life when Shona Ferguson lost his battle to COVID 19 shortly before they celebrated their wedding anniversary. 

Connie Ferguson's kids have been her pillar of strength throughout her healing process and the outpouring of love and support they continue to receive from the entertainment industry and beyond is admirable.

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