Would You Believe These ZAlebs Don't Drink Alcohol?

Celebville didn't claim them all

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Alcohol use can be tricky to navigate, and many celebrities often end up in trouble because of their drinking. 

But there are some ZAlebs who have found a way around drinking in Celebville. Some of them just swore off the bottle for personal reasons or as a matter of preference, while others had to battle addiction for a long time before they finally quit completely. 

Either way, here is a list of ZAlebs who do not drink alcohol, and some may come as a surprise to you. 

Zozibini Tunzi

Beauty queen Zozibini Tunzi may have gone down in history as one of Mzansi's favourite models when she won Miss Universe 2019. She also recently surprised fans when she revealed that she does not drink alcohol. 

In a virtual interview with actor Somizi Mhlongo on his cooking show Dinner At Somizi's, the actor asked her whether she prefers wine or champagne, to which she responded that she does not drink booze at all. 

Connie Ferguson 

The Queen star, Connie Ferguson, startled her fans when she revealed that she does not drink alcohol. 

Harriet Khoza, the feisty lady whom Connie plays on the show, is known to love her whiskey, so it was a surprise that there were no similarities between character and actress in that sector. 

When we think about it, though, it shouldn't be so surprising because, have you seen how young and fit she looks at 50?! She just recently shared her gym routine and wow! Show us your ways! 

Jairus Khuse of Trompies 

The Trompies band member recently shared his struggles with an alcohol addiction. He said that after a long battle, he finally turned to God. 

As of 2020, he had been clean for three years, and considered himself a testimony. He also went on a personal journey of making amends with all those who had been hurt by his addiction.

We hope he found all the inner peace he longed for, and we are super proud of him for beating alcoholism. 

Nonhle Thema

Actress and TV presenter Nonhle Thema reported that she had given up drinking alcohol, but her reason is probably the most unique we've ever had. 

According to Nonhle, "Mandela didn't go to jail for 27 years for us to be drunkards". I mean, wow. That's definitely one we haven't heard before. But either way, it's great that she was able to make the decision to give up booze. 


Singer Bulelwa Mkutukana, professionally known as Zahara, has regularly made headlines for alcohol-related issues. 

But it turns out that she is simply misunderstood. She recently came out to clear the air on what many people think is an alcohol problem. 

Speaking on Mac G’s podcast and Chill show, she said that it was the media and fans who drove her to "alcoholism". She doesn't turn to alcohol, and now only turns to God when she is in need of assistance or comfort. We wish her the very best, and are glad to know that she does not have an alcohol problem. 

The last one is a bit confusing, so walk with us, okay? 

Kelly Khumalo 

The Empini hitmaker recently revealed that she was considering quitting alcohol. Briefly before her announcement, she has said she would be leaving gin in exchange for something less strong, after a strange video of her emerged online. 

Onto the confusing part. 

She launched an alcohol company, Controversy Gin, shortly after.  Further, she has recently taken pictures with a drink in her hand. She did say she was only considering it, so maybe we shouldn't hold her to it just yet. Either way, we are confused, but we support her physical and mental health, whatever she chooses to do. 

For every ZAleb on this list, we wish them the very best in their journey. It can be hard to be the lonely island in a sea of drinkers, but it is important to stick to their convictions. We also hope that some of you are inspired to make better choices. 

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