Pt 1: Dan Platansky on Guitar Weekend and Springsteen

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Dan Patlansky  | Top of The

Let's start with the news that you'll be supporting Bruce Springsteen. How did you feel when you knew? 

Jeez! I felt very, very excited. It was an unlikely possibility for a long time. Bruce Springsteen doesn't  usually have support acts, but Big Concerts thought it would be a good idea and invited us to apply in Mid October.We heard nothing until last Friday, while we were still in Germany and that's when we got the news that I'd be supporting Bruce Springsteen.

Are you a little nervous to be sharing the stage with such an iconic musician?

I'll be treating it like any other show. There are 80 000 people in the stadium so naturally, there will be some factors that make you a little nervous. However, through employing the same thought process, and doing the same thing I plan to be fine. I don't want to psych myself out with everything as I'll end up doing more harm than good to myself. 

Coming back home, please tell us a little more about the Dan Platansky Guitar Weekend? 

We're actually doing two this year. I usually hold my Guitar Weekends in Clarens (In the Western Cape) I've done 7 there down the years. We usually cater to Gauteng and Natal, but this year we're doing it in the Western Cape in Stellenbosch. The guitar weekend is a highlight of my year.We tour and work hard all year round, and then we get to do the enjoyable guitar weekends with 20-30 guitarists who eat, sleep and breathe guitar. It's a lot of fun.

What kinds of guitarists do you find joining you?

A variety. From guys who have only been playing for a few months to guys who have been playing for like 30 years. One thing that sets my sessions apart is that I have a very different way of teaching. The way I do it, it's a different way, more as the result of my way of playing guitar. Everyone will benefit it, beginners, advanced players, and everyone.

How was touring Europe, were you well received? 

It was a very successful tour. It was also exhausting, as you'd imagine. We spent most of the time in Germany, about 2 weeks in total. German audiences are great, and it's nice to see that we're building up a fan base. We played in Denmark at the Copenhagen Blues Festival.