Date My Family: Naledi & Lukas are not dating

Well, that's unfortunate, they would've made a cute couple.

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Luke & Naledi

Naledi and Lukas were a match made on national television. Their chemistry was so authentic we really thought that the second date would lead to a development of a romantic relationship between the two.

Also, Sunday night's episode just proved how beautiful South African women are, especially when it came to Naledi and her friends.

Male viewers were so taken by their beauty that some even had the courage to ask for numbers after seeing the squad.


And we think part of the reason why Lukas chose Naledi [dressed in pink] was not only because of how her friends represented her but because they were physically appealing thus he automatically assumed that their friend would be just as beautiful, and he was right.


Naledi and Lukas' date went so smoothly, that everyone was convinced that things would really work out for the two. Especially when Naledi said that Lukas could have her after their second date.


Unfortunately, our excitement for the somewhat brewing relationship was short-lived when Naledi confirmed that they are not dating.

Not dating

Gosh, all that excitement for nothing.


And some people were as disappointed as we were.

Whilst others were not buying it.

Meanwhile, Lukas was accused of being married by someone who supposedly attends the same church as he does.

Married Lukas

The bachelor went on to set the record straight.


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