Date My Family: A win for the Ben 10

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Oh yes! Date My Family is back on our screens and we’re hoping to see more people going home with prospective partners.

This week we were introduced to Nthabiseng Mavuso, a 29-year-old businesswoman who had to reiterate that she has a negative perception of men who are mama’s boys.

We certainly support the sister here, we can’t even begin to imagine the schlep of dating a person who always seeks approval from their mother, depressing is not even the perfect word to describe it.

As expected, Nthabiseng had to dine with three different families before choosing her potential bae. She had her first meal with Omolemo’s family. Fortunately, the meeting wasn’t awkward and the family seemed like a friendly bunch. But their cooking skills or idea of making a dessert was very questionable. The best they could think of was mixing jelly tots, Ultra Mel, and biscuits - clearly they are not fans of MasterChef.

Magari’s family were second in line to impress the single lady. Magari’s family were also kind and welcoming, but, unfortunately, we weren’t that impressed with Magari himself.

Firstly, we didn’t understand why he was shirtless and him insisting that he has style was a statement that made us roll our eyes a couple of times.

Another thing that puzzled us about this young man was his reaction towards Nthabiseng. At first Magari wasn’t impressed with her, but as soon as he learned that Nthabiseng is a businesswoman, he began to take a liking towards her.

We know Magari’s type and we don’t endorse such men or even women. Thank goodness he wasn’t chosen for the date.

The last family was Siphiwe’s family. They also gave Nthabi a warm welcome and everything went well, but one of Siphiwe’s family members mentioned that Nthabi’s wig and sense of fashion was dull and we have to agree.

We were not completely sold on Nthabi’s style. For someone like her, she can definitely do better. But we certainly support her choice in men and that’s why we and the rest of Mzansi were glad she opted to go out with Siphiwe. This guy might be seven years her junior, but we like the fact that he sounds mature and seemed like a level-headed person.

As expected, their date went well and at least Nthabi didn’t look like he was with his younger brother because Thabiso is a tad tall and slightly big, which makes him look way older than he actually is.

Even Twitter was shocked to find out that the guy is only 22!

 Also, is it just us or is Date My Family mismatching people on purpose?

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