Date My Family's Driver-Bae needs to be a bachelor on the show

Ok, we've all seen the bachelor's of Date My Family, but they still don't come close to Driver-Bae.

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Date my family

For the past couple of weeks all the bachelor that have been on Date My Family have been a bit disappointing.  Honestly, none of them have possesed that X-factor like our very own Driver-Bae

Driver-Bae who has played a very significant role on Date My Family was at first that driver who silently picked and dropped off bottles of wine and potential couples at luxurious restaurants.

But as time went by and people began realizing that some bachelors were actually not up to their standards, many ladies and some gentlemen shifted their attention to Date My Family's Driver-bae.

For months on end we've seen ladies on Twitter request for Driver-Bae's number or for Black Twitter to find out who Driver-Bae's name is but with little to no success.

Every time Driver-Bae appears on screen, the lady viewers sure do get excited, that includes us too.

Just recently one lady requested that Driver-Bae become a bachelor on the show and we fully agree with her.

The man is all kinds of hot, every time he appears on screen we're just on some...hey boo...


So Date My Family on behalf of all the female South African viewers of the show, please make Driver-Bae a bachelor on the show or at least give us his numbers, we have a few questions for him.

The ladies just want to have a word with him...

Date My Family producers we know you're reading this, please release Driver-Bae to us, we're begging you.