#DateMyFamily: The most hilarious Twitter reactions plus, Venal gives us an update

Here we go again with some rather cringe-worthy reactions from these social media streets.

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If you're planning on going onto Date My Family in search of love, just make sure you occasionally visit Twitter first before leaping into such a decision.

Also, if there's one thing you need to make sure is on point when heading to Date My Family, it's your hairstyle. Any hair out of place can lead you to become a victim of these Twitter streets. 

Poor Ramona was just trying to look beautiful for the cameras, but little did she know that her hairstyle was going to lead her to become the laughing stock of Black Twitter.

The hair memes were just way too brutal.

Is it safe to say that some of us Twitter users are never going to see heaven?

And the food conversation between her & Venal was clearly a favourite amongst viewers.

As we all know, many viewers have been requesting an update on whether people go on a second or even third date after the show. Unfortunately, Date My Family hasn't yet developed a 'where are they now' episode, but thanks to Twitter Venal was found and he gave viewers a brief update on his "relationship" status with Ramona.

Venal explained that he and Ramona remain good friends and does not think a second date will be happening.


The bachelor was also asked if the show is real and unscripted and he confirmed that what we see is what we get.


Out of the other two ladies, which woman do you think Venal should've chosen?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic