#DateMyFamily: Did Zigidi go back to Dudu?

We thought he liked Nia, though.

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Although many viewers may argue that Zigidi Nene (44) might've been a bit too old to be on a show like Date My Family, we can't help but appreciate the fact that he was quite straightforward and authentic about what he wants in a partner.

The father of two had the pleasure of meeting the families of three ladies who had the potential of possibly going out on a date with the 44-year-old bachelor.

These are some of our favourite highlights from the show:

Mkhethile's family

First on the list was Mkhethile's family. The 27-year-old was represented by her friends, who interrogated Zigidi as though he were a straight criminal.

One of the first questions Zigidi was asked is if he has ever cheated before. Yikes!

Although the question asked was quite a tricky one, his reply was even trickier. Zigidi simply responded by saying that he has dated two women at the same time and if that is considered cheating, then maybe he has been unfaithful before.

Err... okay.

The other question directed to Zigidi, which had us chuckling, was when Mkhethile's friends asked him what he has in the fridge after he shared that he is not much of a cook.

Zigidi, like the honest man he is, simply replied by explaining that he has a bottle of water, milk and maybe one or two onions in the fridge.

The contents of his fridge did not settle well with the friends. But seriously ladies, what does what this man have in his fridge have to do with him becoming a potential boyfriend?

The other common question asked on this show was whether he had a car and kids.

Zigidi mentioned that he has two kids and drives a bakkie. Again, Mkhethile's friends were not impressed, especially her friend, Senty.


Oh, and let's not forget how he butchered Senty's name when they first got introduced to each other.

It's no wonder she kept on dishing out those awkward questions at him.

Dudu's family

Then there was Dudu's family. Although her family was less hostile than the first one, unfortunately, at the end of the show, Zigidi did not choose Dudu.

However, a picture of Zigidi and Dudu on what seems to be a date has been circulating all over social media ever since the episode aired.

So did Zigidi have a change of heart? We're confused.

We honestly thought Zigidi liked the funky Nia Louw, whom he eventually chose to go out on a date with. Afterall, their conversation flowed and they both couldn't stop smiling and blushing at some point.


We guess the piercings and tattoos on her chest made Zigidi a bit uncomfortable, and a date with Dudu made more sense to him. Dudu is much older than the other two ladies and she's also an avid church-goer, which is something that's right up Zigidi's alley.

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