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Zanele Mbokazi pens an ode to girls

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Girls truly remain one of the most treasured species on earth, therefore the older generation of women sometimes feel obliged to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that they have acquired through out their younger years into being fully fledged adults.

South African gospel authority and author, Zanele Mbokazi - Nkambule recently launched her fourth book titled, Dear Daughter. This book was primarily written for girls as young as ten. It serves as an ode to girls who don't know how to have in-depth conversations with their mothers.

Also the book, could easily appeal to mothers who never had that kind of a relationship with their own mothers because its author, Zanele wrote it from that angle.

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According to an article on Sunday Sun, Zanele was quoted as saying: 

''There are things that our mothers are afraid to talk about.'' These include menstruation and its challenges and how to respond when a boy or a man asks to go out with you or how to react if an older man gives you money and buys you gifts.''

Zanele Mbokazi did not write this book from phantom experiences, as she told the story of how her own mother had never had these in depth conversations with her growing up, but now that she is a mother herself, Zanele strives to carve a different and more open minded approach with her own daughters and hopefully the rest of the young girls out there.

The book also tackles the blesser - blessee phenomenon and almost gives a walk through around conversations that don't usually happen between Mother and Daughter, so as to tackle difficult issues head on.

Taking to her Instagram, she posted the following: 

"This is the Girl's manual/book - parents are usually afraid of talking to their girls about life issues. Let this book address growing up, menstruation, crushes, sex, respect, career choices, goals- dreams, relationships, God, self esteem and more! A MANUAL for every girl, every woman from 10 years old.''

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