#DearBlackParents You're The One

These tweets were hilarious and painfully true

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Now and then there comes a hashtag that makes everyone on social media realise that even though we've all grown up from different backgrounds, at the end of the day, we are essentially the same.

And no hashtag speaks truth to that than the #DearBlackParents which trended for hours on end on Thursday night.

While we were laughing and reading these tweets, it made us pause for a minute and come to the conclusion that we all probably have similar parents.

For instance, remember when you were young and did something out of character, and you immediately knew that you were in for it when your mom or dad had their hands behind them and lied that they wouldn't hit you.

Little did you know that a long thin branch which had its leaves plucked out was ready to get into contact with your flesh.

But the worst torture was when the black parent would send you outside to get the thinnest and longest branch so that they could give you a good hiding.  It was rough.

And who remembers the mirror and lightening theory? However, we will add that we believe that there is some bit of truth in this theory, even though it was a bit annoying when a black parent would wake you up at 2:00 am just for you to cover the mirrors because of lightning.

Then there's the Tupperware issue; now this is one sensitive topic.  Have you ever had your mom curse you out on the phone because you haven't returned her skhaftina's from a Sunday Lunch gathering that was two weeks ago at her house?

Seriously, when it comes your black parent's Tupperware just make sure you return it within a week. Black mothers really love their Tupperware, so if you want to keep the peace, return the Tupperware, please.

Ooh, this one cut deep, and we have no comment, especially considering how seriously black folk take their religion.

Oh yes, dear black parents please, please stop! There is nothing as annoying than a neighbour knowing all of your moves and business. We know you share our every move because you're proud of us, but sometimes it's ok to just keep it to yourself.

Wow, guys, our parents can be real extra. How many of you have received warnings about your WhatsApp statuses? We most definitely have received one or two or even three notices before.

Ha! Shots fired. But on a serious note, let's try teach our parents how to take a selfie guys.

But after all is said and done, we really do appreciate our parents, for all they've sacrificed for us.  And in hindsight their strict ways and their generous hand outs of hidings really did put some of us on the straight & narrow. Thank you #DearBlackParents you are appreciated.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@TylerPerry

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