The Destiny’s Child SA Remake

A look at our own Destiny's Child ladies

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It's been 12 years since one of the worlds most popular and successful girl groups split ways.We can’t say we’ll get them back together but we can wish can’t we?

Imagine our very own Destiny’s child right here in Mzansi. The group will be made up of the last three members, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle.

The local version of the brand would work with young producers like Whichi 1080 who’ll produce all their music under Dj Tira's record label Afrotainment. 

And To keep the ladies looking fresh and crisp, all their clothes by local fashion designer and stylist Boogy Maboi.

So without further ado Meet your Destiny’s Child members_ 

Bontle Modiselle as Beyonce -We all know she can dance really well but let’s pretend she can sing too. Let’s be honest Bontle would put up a really great show and would be the perfect lead singer for the trio. Bontle has been with her rapper boyfriend Priddy Ugly for almost a decade now, almost as long as Jay and B’s marriage.

Bontle like the Queen B has a smashing body, a great following, can act and probably would have a successful solo career if she ever decided to leave the group.

Bontle Modiselle

Kelly Khumalo as Kelly Rowland.  Apart from their similar names, Kelly is the perfect Kelly for the group. Kelly Khumalo like Kelly Rowland has been a victim of Domestic violence from a past relationship and has since become a pro-feminist. Kelly can sing, is beautiful and dresses really well. Kelly has had a string of public relationships but this time she seems to be keeping a low profile.Her solo career is in a good place too.


Nandi Madida as Michelle Williams- Nandi is somewhat of a princess, I imagine Michelle to be like that too.Nandi is that group member that you wouldn't imagine to be in such a group because of the way they dance and dress at times, but at the same time she’s a member the group needs. 

Nandi could have a really good successful Gospel career if she wanted too, her voice fits the genre really well.

Nandi seems really put together and seems to be a really spiritual. She can be the member to keep the group down to earth and also hold them down, remind them about the important things. She’s that big little sister, almost like Michelle was to Beyonce and Kelly.

Main Image Credit: Facebook/Destiny's child

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