Dj Arch Jnr and sister Jozie are the cutest

Sibling rivalry is only but a myth in the Hlongwane household.

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Not only has DJ Arch Junior been inducted into the Guinness World Book of Records as the worlds youngest club DJ, he's winning at being a big brother as well.


He might not have all the time in the world to spend with his little sister but when he does, he makes the most of it. Little Oratilwe and his sister Jozie are just the cutest siblings we've seen in a really long time. It's normal for siblings especially ones who have a close age gap between them to fight and whine about everything,  but these two are like bread and butter. They go together.

When she feels your jams in the car 💃🏼 then she is a keeper 😍😘👶🏽👫 #BabySister #Jozie

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Little big brother Archie might have a big fan base and great social media following but guys, his little sister is his biggest fan. She dances to his music, cheers him on, and on a good day, she hits the deck to give big brother a run for his money. They also travel together and sister Jozie gets to see her brother in action and learn a thing or two.


We might be speaking way too soon but maybe little Jozie has an ear for music like big brother, these two together might be our next Twins on Deck or Major League minus the twin part. Looking at the picture below, we can almost guess the conversation he is having with her.

Archie: Jozie don't let them tell you you're too young to follow your dreams, I'm only five but look at me.

Jozie: Yes bhuti, I want to be just like you when I turn three.


Behind the wheel might be the only place Jozie can beat big brother, look at her go. Archie looks like he's scared for his life, so cute!


Talk about growing up fast, look how big she is now, she looks like she's mean mugging at her brother's female fans who are getting a little too close, aww!


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