Euphonik spills truths about music business

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | DJ Euphonik  | Top of The

Euphonik has been in the music industry for many years. The successful DJ, who also invests in property, has given SA artists priceless advice.

He recently wrote on Twitter: "You can tell that A LOT of people in music business have not seen the light. Seeing the light is a beautiful thing. Such a beauty."

He talked about how the first and last time he went to an awards ceremony was in 2006. "There I realised this isn't for me and it's not why I do what I do."

He added: "People. Your fans. Your supporters love your music before awards and they'll do the same after. Awards aren't the basis of your craft. It's nice." 

He said he's seen a lot of massive acts come and go. "And we will continue to see them come and go because we've seen the light. I'm talking acts so big you couldn't imagine a line up without them. Where are they? The industry is far bigger than any single one of us."

The award-winning DJ also mentioned that it also doesn't help that generations before them set a bad precedent. He added: "The industry looks after us. We need to nurture & grow it." 

He continued: "ALL the majors in the country are branches. Branches with global strategies to look after. Local acts are for paying THEIR running costs. If you understand business you understand that it has no emotions. Which means you look after your own & you are relentless to anything else."

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Euphonik's advice is simple: invest in yourself, in your crew and also support your peers. "Be in control of as much of the chain as you can and ignore what u can't control. And if you can't control it. Build your own."

He said  there's enough money for everyone. "So be careful before you flaunt your financial Status," he added.

This is some good advice. Thanks, Euphonik.