Listen To Your Body Or You'll Die

DJ Fresh gives some sound advice

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If you're an avid listener of Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast show, you would've realised that the "Big Dawg" aka DJ Fresh was absent for a couple of days this week.

Due to certain health problems, DJ Fresh came out to urge people to always listen to their bodies, especially when you can feel that there is something wrong.

Laying in hospital, DJ Fresh posted a video encouraging people to take care of themselves because not doing so could lead to many health problems and even death.

On Thursday night, he then posted a tweet apologizing for not getting back to people's e-mails and calls for the past three weeks as he's been going through a really difficult time.

Although the veteran DJ did not mention exactly what is wrong with him he placed people's concerns at ease by mentioning that he got the help he needed and that he's all good.

Encouraging messages from fans and fellow industry peers flocked into the DJ's Twitter mentions as they acknowledged that, like many of us, celebrities also go through rough patches in their lives and need a break as well.

However, many listeners were quite surprised to hear the Big Dawg's voice this Friday morning as they expected him to still be booked off from work, but not DJ Fresh.

He returned to work this morning as he felt that his job is one of the few things that make him feel alive.
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Glad that you're back on air Fresh, but don't forget to take it easy.

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